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Support for Sunken Eyes

What can I do for sunken eyes? They are dark and literally sunken in during the day which affects my sight and skin is pale. They're a bit better at night though. Until recently I took beconase corticosteroid nasal spray for a long, long time and that can cause nose and sinus damage and adrenal fatigue. But I'm not certain. I feel there just isn't water around them in the sockets and my face and head look thin. Is there some herb I can take to remedy it? Thanks. Daniel

Hi Daniel,

There are numerous factors for the causes of sunken eyes and this is something that you should definitely get checked out as I’m not completely sure what might be causing yours. In fact, it could be several factors.

Here are the most common factors:

Aging. As we age, we lose muscle support around our face as well as collagen.

Allergic rhinitis. AR, (hay fever) can cause “allergic shiners.”

Lack of sleep. Either not enough sleep, or poor-quality sleep can lead to this as well.

Sinus infections. Sinus infections also can make your eyes appear dark and sunken due to nasal congestion.

Smoking. Smoking reduces the skin’s elasticity and can cause it to prematurely sag.

Stress. Any type of prolonged stress can cause dark circles under the eyes and give the

appearance of sunken eyes.

Sun exposure especially if you do not wear sunglasses.

Weight loss. If you lose enough weight, it will affect your face, and can cause the appearance of sunken eyes.

Herbal suggestions.

It sounds as though you might have allergies or a sinus infection and have a lot of stress.

For stress, I would highly recommend looking into adaptogenic herbs. A nice herbal tea would be holy basil, ashwagandha with maybe 10% licorice root. If you're not into teas, you could also try tinctures or pills, in which case many more herbs (and mushrooms) are available. I say this because many herbs aren’t that tasty in tea form. (See below for recommendations.)

For allergies, in general, this starts with good gut health. Make sure you have strong stomach acid (we lose hydrochloric acid as we age). This will in turn protect the intestines where much of your immune system lies. Look into research regarding something called “leaky gut syndrome”. Usually if you can repair the gut issues, the allergies often disappear.

Good luck!

Here are some product and literature information.

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