• Jayne Tamburello

Herbal webinar for Covid-19 protocols--tonight!

COVID-19 TCM Herbal Protocol for Western Herbalists with Thomas Avery Garran, PhD

How can Western Herbalists learn from the Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol for COVID-19? Thomas Avery Garran, PhD, will host this webinar to discuss some of the formulas being used in China in response to the virus based on patient presentation. He will also discuss potential Western herb substitutions and how to construct a formula based on those suggestions. This will be an interactive workshop where practitioners can ask questions.

Live Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Live Time: 8:00pm EST (7pm Central Time, 6pm Mountain Time, and 5pm Pacific Time)

This webinar is free to all and the recording is available to AHG members for viewing at anytime. Read more and register here.

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