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Help! Are there poison ivy remedies?

It's summer which means more outdoor adventures, but also more exposure to biting insects and poisonous plants including poison oak and poison ivy. Of course, prevention is ideal, but that doesn't always work! David wrote to us asking for remedies to help with poison ivy and I have some suggestions for you. Check out these soothing remedies...

jewelweed in flower

1. Jewelweed (Impatiens pallida)

This plant is easy to identify (see photo) and grows in moist areas. If you find it growing nearby after brushing up against poison ivy, crush some leaves and apply directly to your skin. This will help remove some of the oils from your skin and prevent irritation.

2. Grindelia (Grindelia robusta)

This is another plant that can help lessen the severity of a poison ivy encounter. Apply as soon as possible after washing the exposed area. You can apply the crushed gummy flower heads or a grindelia salve directly on the affected area. Grindelia is an ingredient in some of the popular Technu products as well.

3. Plantain (Platago spp)

This common plant is another useful ally to use as a poultice to remove oils and soothe and tonify the skin.

4. Other non-herbal remedies to consider:

- Coconut oil applied directly to skin can help soothe an itchy rash.

- A bentonite clay + water paste / mask can help draw and dry out a rash.

- An oatmeal bath can calm itching and soothe the skin (add oats to a sock or bag to avoid the stress of a messy bathtub!).




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