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Herbs to support our muscles

My muscles twitch at night and sometimes spasm, can you offer any herbal (or other relief)?

If your muscles twitch at night or you get spasms at any time, this generally is an indication that your body may need more water, calcium, magnesium, or all three. Also, it’s important to stretch your muscles, especially after a workout--and drink plenty of filtered

Stinging nettles

water, especially with electrolytes. If you don’t take a supplement, try taking a calcium/magnesium supplement in a 1:2 formulation. Make sure the calcium is not calcium carbonate as that is not very bioavailable. Jarrow makes a nice product in this ratio. You can also create your own tea with stinging nettles (dried), horsetail, licorice root, and oat straw. All are high in minerals. You can find these herbs at your local health food store or go online to Mountain Rose Herbs. Always try to use organic or wild-harvested herbs.

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