• Jayne Tamburello

Natural Anti-inflammatories

"I am on high doses of ibuprofen for my arthritis. Is there anything more natural that I can take?"

I won't comment on your arthritis specifically but there are things you can take that are more natural anti-inflammatories. The first is curcumin (Curcuma longa) also known as turmeric. This is a yellow spice often used to make natural yellow food coloring, but here, the natural yellow color means it has anti-oxidant activity. The key with curcumin is to cook with it to heighten it's anti-inflammatory properties. I have a salt shaker of it on my counter and cook with it daily. When heated and mixed with a fat, turmeric is much more bio-available which means you get much more bang for your buck. (Speaking of which, but it in bulk, not in capsules). Another great herb is boswellia (Boswellia serrata), the part used is the gum which is why I prefer to make a tincture of it. Celery seed also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and can be sprinkled on all your vegetables or proteins. Finally, ginger root (Zingiber officiale) makes a great tea and is terrific when making a stir fry. It is both warming and drying adding to healthy circulation and is often taken for nausea. Thanks for the question!

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